The Right Spot

Now this, this, was the spot. Perfection. Just the right amount of warmth, nothing too hot, just a gentle lull of heat that whispered across her chest. Even the soft purr of vibration that wound its way through the machine and into her muscles was soothing, she could already feel her eyes beginning to droop, sleep threatening to overtake her.

This was how things were supposed to be, she was quite convinced of that. Relaxed, nothing too strenuous. Just her, the warmth, and a comforting nap that seemed to somehow put the rest of the world into perspective.

It would certainly, however, be much better without this human shouting at her. He seemed to do a lot of that whenever she perched herself up here. Inconvenient. Couldn’t he see that she was preoccupied? No matter, he’ll pipe down eventually, get up with a throw of his hands to do something else. Perhaps to offer her some food, it was soon time for her meal surely? He mustn’t be late with that again, would be a shame for anything to happen to that new couch of his.

In the meantime, she’d remain here. Yes. This was the spot, she thought, letting the warmth roll over her as she purred in sync with the soft drone of the machine.

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