Moving Day

“No, no! Not there! Jesus, why would even you think to put it there?” Sarah rubbed the bridge of her nose with a weary hand.

“It’s in, what difference does it make where it goes?” James snapped back.

“Because it looks stupid.”

“Looks stupid?”

“Yes! Looks stupid, like your ugly mug!”

“Who cares! It’s fine,” James groaned, but Sarah wasn’t content with it. Not nearly. With a firm finger she pointed sharply across the small, dimly lit room.

“Put it over there, in that corner.”

James gave a roll of his eyes, grunting as he wrenched the pole out of the ground and staggered across to the opposite corner with short, quick steps, his back arched backward beneath the weight.

“Here?” he asked.

“A bit more to the left.”

“Bugger me, Sarah, at this rate we’ll never move in. We’ve still got a whole car load out there!”

“And we’ll get to that, once this load is all in place.”

James swore under his breath as he stabbed the pole back into the ground.

“Is it good here?”

“Yes, that’s good.”

“About bloody time,” James grumbled. With a frustrated pout, Sarah puffed out her chest and stuck her hands firmly on her hips.

“Look, I want this place done, and done right! If I’m going to be summoning the Great Zathcahl’thul, I want this to be a nice, welcoming cavern, not whatever run of the mill dungeon you seem to have in mind. Demon summoning is not a simple thing!”

James just gave another tired roll of his eyes.

“Fine, fine. Now, do you want the severed legs by the entrance?” he asked.

“What are you, a madman? They need to be strung along the back wall! And once we grab the bone totems, we can stagger them at either end.”

Muttering to himself, James trudged slowly to the back of the cave and began hammering a large hook into the jagged rock face. What had possessed him to marry a demon worshiping cultist would always be beyond him.

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