‘Journeys’ Anthology | A Life Update

Alas, no new short story for tonight (rest assured, I will have one up tomorrow), but instead I’d like to share a bit of exciting news! My short story ‘A Mountain Pass’ has selected to be published alongside some other amazing talent in the ‘Journeys’ Anthology by the Aussie Speculative Fiction group!

It was truly a surprise to be selected, and to say that I am chuffed to find out is quite the understatement. This will be my first story to be ‘officially’ published, so will no doubt be cracking out the beers and chips this weekend in celebration! The anthology will be featuring the works of several writers to explore the theme of ‘Journeys’, and if the last anthology released by this group is anything to go by, it will be quite the mixed bag of stories and styles!

My own piece, ‘A Mountain Pass’, follows a small family fleeing their war ravaged land to the only safe haven they know of. But, as they find themselves stuck atop the mountain pass, they must face the realities of how the conflict has changed them, and whether a stranger that offers their help is truly to be trusted.

‘Journeys’ will be released around November this year, so watch this space for any future updates!


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