To: Lt. Gatwick

From: J.

Fwd: Concerns of Team

Good evening Lieutenant,

Upon conducting my investigations of the current analysis team within the CAF, I have discovered a number of discrepancies, a number of which I have notified you of prior (refer to email A617 sent 1500 09.07) which you have proceeded to ignore and take no formal action.

Below, find attached an excerpt of an interview I uncovered during a pull of corrupted data entries, and find that my stance still remains unchanged. There is reason to be concerned for your teams, and those you believe you have the trust of.


SUBJECTS: Dr. Alan Werth, Captain T.Helms

WERTH: -and how do you feel?

HELMS: Oh, just dandy. Tip top. Bloody chipper.


HELMS: What do you want me to say? That I’m fine with the fact that I’m it? That I’m the only one? Yeah, makes me feel fantastic.

WERTH: Have a look at this. Tell me what you see.

HELMS: Bugger me. I don’t know, a void? Blackness? The empty space. The Drift.


HELMS: What? Doc, I don’t want to be just sitting here-

WERTH: You know we can’t send you back up.

HELMS: What? Why! I have every right!

WERTH: You’re clearly unfit for duty. You appear to have dissociation tendencies whenever you refer to the Drift, and you haven’t stopped itching at your finger since before you sat down.

HELMS: I got an itch to scratch, who cares! Doc, you know you can’t afford to be pulling me out. Get me a new bird, a new squad. I’ll be up there! Up where I need to be! You need me!

WERTH: It’s out of my control, Captain.

HELMS: I just- what’s this?

WERTH: A card.

HELMS: I can see that. The number… is this- is this the Fractured? Are you seriously asking me to contact them?

WERTH: I’m not asking you to do anything. But, you do want to fly, don’t you?

HELMS: Ashen stars, Doc. Vigilantes is the best you have for me?

WERTH: Unless you want to be grounded, waiting for a chance that won’t come.

HELMS: Beats the boredom I suppose.


The self-labelled ‘Fractured’ are again taking in those who are deemed unfit for military service and as such are endangering those in the fight. Requesting permission to cease investigation and retrieve any details regarding the terrorist movement. The team still has no evident suspicions of my presence, so the decision is at your discretion.


Seeker J.

The Ended Saga is a collection of excerpts following the mysterious conflict in a universe beyond our own. No truth is clear, but it is out there. Continue the search…

Photo by Spring Fed Images on Unsplash

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