First Contacts

‘First Contacts: A History on the Confederacy’

by P.Lurrey

Chapter 5

Our history with the Confederacy has always been well taken for granted, assumptions made about the spacefaring people that gifted us interstellar travel. However, we often forget the humble origins that led to the intertwining of our two great cultures, and the influences each had on one another.

Upon contact, the differences between our peoples were stark. Where our civilisation was strongly ingrained with heritage and tradition, the Confederacy had their roots buried in practicality and exploration. Following the ‘Greeting of Worlds’ (as discussed in Chapter 2), the two peoples exchanged knowledge and technology, and both found themselves propelled into an age of advancement.

It was regarded as the two perfect counterparts to one another. Where we struggled, they excelled, and vice-versa. Several philosophers at the time regarded the relationship as the ‘perfect symbiotic relationship, the strengths amounting to a harmonious yin and yang’ [Hart, AH 3016, On the Fields of Stars]. Original opinions on the cultural integrations were hesitant, some viewing the race and their luminescent skin as being godlike, others perceiving it as alien and not to be trusted.

Measured interaction between the governing bodies of both cultures is what is now hailed as having strengthened the union of the peoples. Much like a relationship, though cooperation and trade was well welcomed, distance was also respected at all times, and it was not unusual for either body to direct their investigation of the cosmos individually. Though humanity delved into the colonisation of the stars, the Confederacy was well-known for residing solely on Parabus, neither race ever settling together.

One great example of the individuality was the Pytheas Expedition launched by the Confederacy early last year, 3049, with explorative drones sent out to explore deep space and improve their understanding of the universe. Though we can expect to receive data from their discoveries, the Confederacy will continue to operate the expedition under their sole command and we shall respect our traditional distance.

The Ended Saga is a collection of excerpts following the mysterious conflict in a universe beyond our own. No truth is clear, but it is out there. Continue the search…

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

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