Analysis on the Drift




It’s quiet here. I like that. The silence that surrounds you as you sail through the debris, winding past the ruins of our once great ally. Funny how this is all that’s left to remember them by. Shards of stations and ships, sent adrift in the frozen void above Parabus. I wonder if anything is still down there. Doubtful, since you can see the devastation even from here. Burn marks and shattered earth, a husk of a planet left to rot. But I’m not here for sightseeing.

As of 1700 DST I completed my patrol of Sector 03. No encounters with Sirens to report, nor any rogue squadrons that have been suspected to be within the area. Damned Fractured. From what we’ve been able to gather from remnants left by Siren skirmishes, they really have no interest in fighting us here. All details point to their movements purposefully avoiding us at any turn, and what encounters do occur, are swept aside as little more than a nuisance to them. Is that what we are to them? Just a pestering fly that will not leave them be?

Previous reports by other Core Pilots indicate that the Sirens are scouring the Drift, searching for something. What that is, we still haven’t worked out. Perhaps it’s something left over from the Confederacy? A secret left behind? Or something that would advance them even further? Everything is speculation, just guesses. It gets tiresome at times. The broken stations out here we’ve searched through countless times, and we’re still no clearer on their intentions. There’s that much debris out here, though, that it’s near impossible to comb it all.

We can’t hope for much, but only that we find whatever they’re searching for first and that they don’t turn around and start hunting us.

Core Scout Pilot Ryan J. concluding report at 1723 DST. Will continue patrol of the Drift, continuing to Sector 07 for any signs of Siren activity. Maybe we can catch these bastards in the act someday.


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The Ended Saga is a collection of excerpts following the mysterious conflict in a universe beyond our own. No truth is clear, but it is out there. Continue the search…

Photo by Troy Chen on Unsplash

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