Confederacy Request






It’s been a long time coming, surely you’ve seen that. Even with the scant details we had received, one thing was abundantly clear from all reports. The Confederacy is under attack by an unknown force.

You know as well as I that The Confederacy does not willingly seek our assistance. A people more proud than logical, though they would have you think otherwise. Surely this would show the importance of the request they have put forward to us? The Confederacy asking for military assistance from The Core? It’s unheard of!

I understand your concerns on the matter, and have repeated your reluctance to commit any support. Yes, if they are outmatched, then who is to say where we would stand with our lesser technology? But, could you live with the knowledge that we let the only other sentient life in our universe die out without even trying to defend them ourselves?

I have CC’d Commander Holong into this email, as to my understanding he is the one that takes emergency powers of the Core Aviation Fleet in the event of a military emergency. If this isn’t one, I wouldn’t know what is.

I request you look once again into this request, and take it to heart.


Dr. Veronica Ley






While I appreciate your commitment to the cause and admire your dedication to The Confederacy, I fail to see anything that would warrant action. This ‘request’ that you refer to was nothing more than an unsanctioned signal from a rogue squadron, unauthorised to be in the space they were transmitting from, and not affiliated with Confederacy military.

The Core will, however, monitor your request, and should the occasion arise, commit forces to this ‘fight’.

Respect your position as researcher, and I shall worry about our military efforts. For now, this fight is not ours, and The Confederacy has chosen to remain silent.

My opinion stands unchanged.

General. S.Reynolds



CC: –


Hey Ve,

Good luck convincing the general, he’s about as eager to trust a gherkin with running a country than having anything to do with the Confederacy.

We’ve picked up other signals from the Parabus sector, but each time it’s snuffed out before we can fully decrypt it. Something is going on out there, and we’re being kept out of the loop. Something is blocking us.

With Reynolds in command, nothing will happen. I’ll keep this message brief, as I know he’s begun to recruit people he calls ‘Seekers’ to do the dirty work and look for any insurgency. Paranoid old man.

Let’s catch up at that dive of a bar on Sovamar St, we can talk more there. We’ll have to break countless directives, but emergency powers are all we have left to rely on.

Talk soon,


The Ended Saga is a collection of excerpts following the mysterious conflict in a universe beyond our own. No truth is clear, but it is out there. Continue the search…

Photo by Daryll Jan Dela Rosa on Unsplash

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    1. Quite possibly! Really getting hooked into this idea at the moment, so would love to do something larger with it. For now, just fleshing out the universe, but a collection of all the lore is definitely on the table

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