Yash #09





Research team ‘Pytheas’ has been making significant progress with the project. No setbacks have occurred, aside from the minor incident between two staff members which resulted in the contract termination of A.Cathlyn following the accidental deletion of manual drone operation codes (further detailed in filed incident report A13). Ther-%%881//

.-- . -- .- -.. . .- -- .. ... - .- -.- .

//-wasn’t expected. Mikaela has displayed signs of resistance with my refusal to allow her access to the drone’s coding files. She insists that as Data Coordinator she requires full access to my work in order to correctly log all details on the process. I have provided her with limited access to what she will need, but anything further than that I will maintain confidentiality. Thus far, she is content. Shou-%%881//

.. --. .- ...- . - .... . -- -.-. ..- .-. .. --- ... .. - -.--

//The current implementation of self-repair installed to the drones have proved successful. Running Experiment #46 yesterday showed no repeated instances of the drone attempting to create new matter as in previous experiments, instead successfully repairing the broken limb provided to it. With this, the drones will be able to explore further into deep space with the ability to maintain operating levels independently.-%%881//

.- -. -.. -. --- .-- .. -.. --- --- -- . -.. ..- ... .- .-.. .-..

//-nd potential sites for drones to explore are currently being investigated. Short term, the drones will seek out these areas of scientific importance for data gathering that will be transmitted back to us. Long term, the drones will independently venture into the deepness of space and discover what wonders may be out there that we had never dreamt of. All that’s left is to send them out int-%%881//

- .... . -.-- ..-. --- ..- -. -.. ... --- -- . - .... .. -. --. .. -. - .... . .... . .- .-. -

//-nce. We remain on target for completion date, even with the repeated reduction of the deadline and the resulting strain place upon my group. Nevertheless, the team will continue operating to the height of its ability.

The Ended Saga is a collection of excerpts following the mysterious conflict in a universe beyond our own. No truth is clear, but it is out there. Continue the search…

Photo by Ousa Chea on Unsplash

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  1. I adore the little stories you leave between the gaps of these larger tales. It’s like following a thread, noticing it’s fraying, then finding an Entirely different thread woven inbetween the fibres. Excellent detective stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you’re liking the threads so far! I find I get addicted to throwing in different layers haha, and is good fun to make the details a little bit more mysterious than they seem at first.


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