An Intercepted Letter


I miss you. I can’t honestly believe I’m saying that, but hey, here we are. I don’t really get it, I think I miss how I used to feel with you, just those quiet nights where we had nothing in the world but us.

We don’t get many of those anymore do we?

I’m writing this now because I know you won’t understand. You never quite did. We argued about it enough, and you never saw the point I was trying to make. But, we’re wasting our time. What point is there in kidding ourselves on that?

I’ve joined the Core Fleet. I knew you’d try to talk me out of it like every other time, but I need to follow my gut. After all, it led me to you didn’t it? The stars call to me, I swear I can almost hear them crying my name, and every time I listened to them, I felt a sadness that I was still left with my feet on the ground. Planted firmly. Stuck.

The enlistment officer was nice enough, though he didn’t beat around the bush as to what I was signing up for. This is more than just a war, it’s survival. We’ll be flying to survive. Every flight, every skirmish, every patrol.

So, I thought I’d just write you this before I get lifted off-world, y’know, who can tell where I’ll end up next? Take care of our little tacker, maybe he’ll understand what I’ve done someday. I’d say I’m sorry, but I don’t feel that. I’m doing something worthwhile, and I just hope you can see that.

Anyway, I best stop writing before I get all mushy.

Sending you what love I can,

Harriette (your evening star)

*this is not a breach of protocol, but for the person in question, I request that all copies are henceforth destroyed. We cannot risk things like this making her image appear relating to others. Continue searching for any further traces of her – S.J

The Ended Saga is a collection of excerpts following the mysterious conflict in a universe beyond our own. No truth is clear, but it is out there. Continue the search…

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

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