‘Journeys’ Anthology | So CLOSE!

It’s official! It’s happening! After much preparation and waiting, we are ONE DAY out from the release of the ‘Journeys Anthology’! So much happening, with the release, and a online launch where I’ll be chilling.

I am beyond excited to be getting my first short story published alongside so many other talented names with the Aussie Speculative Fiction team.

The variation in stories is incredible, and some amazing pieces that I’ll no doubt be rereading again! Copies will be available from Saturday December 7th via any of the retailers here.

Even feeling like an absolute legend? Give it a review over on GoodReads as well, because every little bit helps!

Also tomorrow, from 6pm to 7pm AEST I’ll be taking over the online book launch to be talking about my own current ‘Journey’ and my current projects! I’ll also be releasing a few new entries to the ‘Ended Saga’ following tomorrow, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

Looking forward to an awesome day, and super super keen to have my first story out to the world!

Happy writing folks,


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