Keep ’em Close

Piece of advice? Keep your cards close to your chest. You don’t know what anyone else has across the table, but they’re all wondering the same thing. Keep it that way.

You see, freelance work suited me in that way. Distance from everything, keeping a tight hand. That was until a little town caught my eye. An outskirt town on the little moon Tramon-C, they called it Sundown. Hardly original, I know, but the name had a nice tune to it.

It started as a few jobs there, much of the same. Keep some merchant trips safe, take care of a vion infestation, y’know. The kind of work you expect when people see you’re handy with a gun.

Those folk were kind to me. Let me hole up in a small room, kept me fed and watered. They had no reason for it, they were already giving me good coin, but I could feel they appreciated me being there. Maybe they wanted to use me as a deterrent to any rogue scavengers, or maybe they honestly liked the company. I wouldn’t have told anyone, but I liked ‘em.

‘Course, that didn’t matter nothing. Scavengers, vions, hell even a Core militant I can deal with. But, the moment you get Seekers deciding they want to drop by, the whole game changes. Doesn’t matter what you like or what you don’t, they’ll just do what they want. Call it ‘justice’.

I was out of town at the time, and they wasted no time from what I was able to tell. They questioned, pressured and prodded for answers they must have known weren’t there. Torturing innocent souls for results. What answers did they want? I didn’t know at the time. In my eyes, they’d just blown in and sieged an innocent town. I still think that, but maybe the galaxy ain’t as innocent as we’d like to think sometimes.

I say all this, but I had to gather the facts of what had happened from the bodies and scraps. Seekers don’t leave much in their wake. Nothing but the stench of decay.

So, don’t you go forgetting this. Keep your cards close to your chest, otherwise you’ll go and do something stupid for something you cared too much about, like I did.

The Ended Saga is a collection of excerpts following the mysterious conflict in a universe beyond our own. No truth is clear, but it is out there. Continue the search…

Photo by Jared Verdi on Unsplash

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