First Bullet

Now, when I say I shot first, I don’t mean a literal bullet. Well, actually, now that I think about it, it kinda is, but isn’t what you think. It’s a tad complicated. At least, it seems to be in my head.

Let’s step back a little, before that little bit of history between Sundown and I. I enjoy my job, it’s nice, and it pays damn well if you know who to look for. Usually the job is simple. Protect this, shoot that, threaten to shoot that. Y’know, gun stuff. But there was one, it gave me the heebie-jeebies when I first took it, but work is work.

So, I jumped through the system, found the target, gave him a little rough up, and collected my coin. Now, this is where the first shot comes in. When I say ‘rough up’, I mean I shot him in the leg, let him crawl around a little before landing a couple of blows to the stomach. Really let’s them know who’s in control, they don’t tend to mess around after that. Or, that was the plan.

I didn’t dig far enough to know that the person I’d threatened had connections. Serious connections. Like, I’m talking head of the bloody damn well Core connections. How was I meant to know that? I s’pose I could have investigated the client a bit more, but I was running low on coin, and I’m not one given to patience.

Now we get to the dominoes. The collapse of everything. Because when one thing happens, they knock on to the next, and then the next and then the next. I didn’t know it was happening, not until Sundown, and by then I was already in the thick of it. A fugitive being hunted by Seekers, and that meant collateral damage. I don’t like that.

All in all, yeah I shot first, I just didn’t know who I was shooting. Come to think of it, in a way, I shot myself right in the foot. Ironic that.

The Ended Saga is a collection of excerpts following the mysterious conflict in a universe beyond our own. No truth is clear, but it is out there. Continue the search…

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

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