‘What is Going On?’ | Life Update!

Hey there readers!

Let’s cut to the chase; I’ve been away for a little while. Not many stories have been emerged from my currently crammed brain, and the progress on the Ended Saga has, to say the least, drooped a little.

A few things in my life are chopping and changing around at the moment, so to say things have been busy is an understatement! With moving house, juggling work and writing in between, I’ve been hopping from one thing to the next, but all incredibly exciting times that I have been loving beyond anything!

One large thing I have brought myself to, is having another hot-crack at university! The past few years I’ve spent working, floating around with no real end goal. Through those years though, I re-discovered my passion for writing after having not touched it for sometime, and found myself pulled back into the endless pages and stories. During this time, I was always quite convinced that I would never go back to uni, but hey, here we are. Studying my passion in creative writing is exciting, and I’m keen to get my feet on the ground and get somewhere with this writing! Will I get anywhere? Who knows, but I’m bloody keen to push it.

In terms of current projects, I’ve been a little all over the place! I’ve always been a little like that, but I’ve come to the conclusion (if somewhat reluctantly) that I need to sit myself down in one spot, and work to get that one thing complete. So, I will be chipping away at an as-of-yet technically unannounced project, where I’ll be going back to my roots of my beloved fantasy. Updates to follow soon!

Ended Saga will continue, but where it currently stands, it will require some serious mapping for me to work out what I want from it exactly. Thank you for everyone that has shown interest in it so far, it really does mean a hell of a lot to me, so please bear with me while the new pieces are place on temporary hold!

Not sure who will really be reading this, apart from my dad….

Hi dad!! (*waves*)

…but if you do follow along, thanks for sticking around, the amazing support from you all, and I’ll be smashing through what content I can when I’m not losing my mind over assignments!

Happy writing folks, heart and mind guide you.


Photo by Jakob Braun on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “‘What is Going On?’ | Life Update!

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  1. Awesome to hear you’ve decided to go back to school for what you love, and that things are going alright (though radio silence for writers usually means we’re writing or life’s gone crazy, haha).

    Looking forward to reading whatever you’ve got cooking, and best wishes with school!

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  2. I’m impressed you’re going back to uni – it all makes a lot more sense when you’re 20+ than when you’re 18 and just happy not to be in a school uniform. Now that we’re all locked down because of International Cat Flu you should have plenty of time to study! Hope it goes well 🙂

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    1. Definitely makes you appreciate it more, and not so burnt out from all those years of school before! Haha a lot of time to study at the moment, though online classes are certainly interesting. Hope you’re keeping well in this crazy time!

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  3. Good luck with Uni! Hope it’s going okay even with the current mayhem. I’d be curious to hear about what it’s like studying writing at university. ^_^

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