Crimson’s Creative Challenge – Holes in Cubes

Decided to jump back in and try out something for Crimson’s Creative Challenge this week! First thoughts for some reason were portals when I saw this weird little cube.

Aiden tilted his head and peered through the opening with squinted eyes.

‘I don’t see anything different.’

‘It’s there, I’m telling you!’ Jasper’s foot tapped in an unsteady rhythm. ‘Just- just check the other holes will you?’

With a roll of his eyes Aiden stepped to another side of the strange cube. He was only missing third period math for this, so he didn’t mind too much, but there were plenty of other ways he could imagine spending his time, and none involved weird concrete cubes.

Looking through the second hole, he was shocked to see the grass on the other side was browned and withered. A pair of legs stopped by the opening. A familiar pair of scuffed jeans with laceless shoes.

‘You see it, don’t you!’ Jasper exclaimed.

The legs bent down, and Aiden scuttled backward with panic as his own face grinned back through the hole.

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