This month I had lucky chance to be interviewed by fellow author Nick Marone about my writing life and ‘A Mountain Pass’ from the anthology ‘Journeys’ released late last year. I’d encourage you to check out the full interview over at his website and see the rest of the interviews he’s conducting with the Journeys authors!

In December 2019, Deadset Press published fifteen short stories in their Journeys anthology. Thomas Roland wrote “A Mountain Pass”—a story brimming with conflict and suspense. Thomas was kind enough to answer questions about his story and his writing life.

Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from/where are you based?

Well, I’m a fiction writer that tends to lean into fantasy and sci-fi genres, but I always enjoy some experimentation! Currently, I base myself in Melbourne, but originally have my roots in Bendigo (after a long line of moves).

What drew you to writing speculative fiction?

I find speculative fiction to be such a diverse area, there’s always new ways you can look at things. There’s not really a limit on what you can write up, but instead an open playing field for so many “what if” situations, and I love that.

What other stories have you published? What projects are you working on?

“A Mountain Pass” in Journeys is actually my first published piece! I’m very fresh to the game, but eager to get invested into things, so am currently chipping away at a few other short stories that may end up in anthologies around the place. In terms of larger projects, I have two that I like to keep on the go. One is a fantasy anthology steeped in deceit, magic, and a land on the brink of collapse, while the other is a bit more of an experimental sci-fi series I run on my blog that portrays several stories through odd files and logs from characters. All in all, everything is a bit of fun to mess with!

Keep reading the full interview here!

Journeys Aussie Speculative Fiction

Haven’t had a chance to read ‘Journeys’ yet? Find your copy here!

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