Crimson’s Creative Challenge – High Places

‘Not scared are you?’

‘Me? No!’ Aya snapped, her knuckles white as she clutched the bar and her feet dangled over the drop. ‘I just don’t appreciate heights.’

Jared snorted, continuing to walk along the beam with that stupid strut he had and smirk pasted across his face. Aya watched him. He was always so sure, so certain of everything he did.

‘Are you going to join me, or just sit there?’ Jared chuckled.

‘You know, it’s only two metres of head room. Barely enough to fit that big head of yours,’ Aya called back, and Jared laughed.

Shakily, Aya pushed herself to her feet, having to steady herself as her foot nearly slipped on the dampness the evening left on the metal. One foot after the other, she stepped forward. She hated heights, but she had never been one to cower from a late night adventure.

Had fun cranking out another Crimson’s Creative Challenge this week, starting to get in the routine of creation again which is always promising!

metal beam reading 'Caution max headroom 2m 6'6"'

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