Splinters – ‘Darkness’ #writephoto

Harry picked at the splinter that had burrowed its way into the palm of his hand, leaving a deep red welt in its wake. It was hard to spot the tiny fleck of wood as heavy laden clouds rolled far above with shadows that flattened themselves against the moor. Even just feeling them pass overhead chilled Harry.

‘Quick now, Harry!’ Peter popped his head out of the shrubs, a dirt stain streaked across his right cheek.

‘I’m only taking a pause,’ Harry moaned, his stubby fingers working doggedly at the slippery splinter. ‘Maybe I should fetch Nanny.’

‘Don’t you dare,’ Peter seethed through clenched teeth, breath whistling through the spot where one of his front teeth had been a week ago before it had fallen out over supper. ‘Fetch Nanny and it shall be the death of both of us.’

‘But my hand, it does hurt, Peter. Oh, and if father finds we’ve taken his shovels too!’ Harry sobbed. He sniffed loudly as his nose began to run, and he felt the rims of his eyes well. The pain in his chest had not lightened either since they had jumped the fence like Peter had told him it would. It still hurt horribly, like a tightness that clenched his insides into a point the size of a needle’s tip.

With a bounding step, Peter rushed from the hastily dug hole and snatched Harry’s small shoulders. With red eyes, he silenced Harry with a harrowing stare. ‘No one is going to find out anything, are they?’

Harry shook his head.

‘Good. So, grab a shovel, and I’ll put Mercy in the ground. Hopefully no one has noticed the rabbit has gone missing yet.’

Thank you Sue Vincent for this stunning photo for the #writephoto this week! Always have loved these landscapes, and knew I had to try my hand at something.

dark clouds above a moor
Photo by Sue Vincent

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