We here at JourneyCore extend our warmest welcomes to you. You are the newest integral piece of our growing family, and JourneyCore values the unique personality that you will bring to our home that no one else can. You will find your new work station at DESK A3_225, where we are sure you’ll fit right in!

Here at JourneyCore, your voice is the most powerful asset we can have, and we will regularly ask for your feedback. Please note, that we have just a few minor guidelines to follow, such as:

  • Do not discuss JourneyCore in a negative light
  • Any views reflecting upon JourneyCore’s practices is forbidden
  • Any discussion in relation to JourneyCore will result in immediate legal action
  • Any mention or hint at JourneyCore may result in contract termination without notice

JourneyCore wants you to express yourself and show how JourneyCore accepts employees of all kinds! Just be aware that any clothing, office decorations, personal items or hairstyles that are deemed to not fit within JourneyCore’s workplace regulations will result in immediate contract termination.

Your journey with JourneyCore will be unique, and we look forward to sharing it with you {EMPLOYEE.FIRSTNAME}! Walk your own path (in accordance with article 5.13A), forge your new future (using regulations listed in articles 8.55B and 9.24D), and show what it means to be a JourneyCore employee (refer to JourneyCore employee directions listed in employee manual)!


Warmest regards,

Your JourneyCore Family

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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