‘Why Larry?’

‘Why not? I think it’s rather cute.’

‘Cute!’ Joseph barked a laugh at the ludicrous idea. ‘ It’s rudimentary! Simplistic! I mean, why not something that sparks interest? Gaston the Destroyer? Lord Herrod the Third? Tartantulas, Devourer of Galaxies? Hell, even Sir Larreth, fourth of his name, would have been better!’

Sarah shrugged, brushing aside each desperate suggestion. ‘It’s just a lizard, Joseph. We can rename it.’

Joseph glared at the beady eye lizard that watched him in silence. A small, pink tongue half poked out of its mouth and poked at a glazed over eye. He couldn’t tell if a single thought buzzed behind its thorny exterior. Perhaps ‘Larry’ would be fitting enough.

Photo by Robert Koorenny on Unsplash

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