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So, this year’s been… weird.

It’s just weird, you know? It has that feeling like everything should be wrapping up, like the end to a poorly written trilogy, or the season finale that kind of left a bitter taste in your mouth, but at least some of the side characters got some good story-telling out of it. But, nope, here we are, still being dragged along, making it seem more like a series that is now milking it for everything it can, even though the original story arc should have ended thirty episodes ago.

Again, I’ve been AFK (Away-From-Keyboard) for a decent while, so I figured, ‘hey, why not throw together a small little update on what’s been going on?’ So, here we are!

2021 has been an interesting beast for me, and writing just honestly has not been on my radar as much as it was last year. It’s been a long time (too long really) since I’ve properly sat down and smashed through some stories, or even looked at any of my work-in-progress pieces. They’re still there, and I still have ideas that I don’t want to let go of yet just waiting for them, but pen to paper has been on the back burner. The back back burner. What have I been doing instead? Well, I deferred my current writing course as it’s remained online study only, and studying that way honestly just doesn’t work for me. Instead, I decided to explore some different areas of interest, muck about and, you know, what, kind of just experiment with things I never really tried.

Funnily enough, I started messing around a little with live streaming over on Twitch (which I still occasionally screw with www.twitch.tv/ttvrhet), and that’s actually been a lot of fun to experience! I’ve met some awesome people and made great friends, and have found content that I normally would otherwise not have. Online communities have definitely picked up in popularity, 

On the side, I picked up a short online course in Unity game development, teaching myself C# and some XML programming languages to experiment in an area that has always interested my inner child. I already knew some basic programming from the work I do, so figured I’d actually put it to some practical use with some creation! Who knows, maybe I’ll actually finish a game I can put somewhere someday.

And, writing? Well, yeah, writing. Motivation is a fickle thing isn’t it? I’ve had some pieces that I’ve chipped away at on occasion, like I’m sort of marble worker who chisels a single line and then will leave  in a week or two. Lately, I’ve been trying to get back to some stories that are more for enjoyment than anything else, one mainly being a small anthology of flash fiction all set in the same cafe, something which I hope to share with you all at some point.

So, there’s a brief wrap up on where I’m at with this year so far! Let’s hope the season finale for this year has some decent writers, or at least a new storyline.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and sane. Til next time.


Photo by C Dustin on Unsplash

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  1. Can definitely relate to a Lot of this, it’s good to hear you’re delving into other creative fronts, I’ve found it helps me when I’m not feeling like writing. Best of luck with it!

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