The room was largely empty. No door. No windows. No defined entry or exit. Nothing, save for a chair, a table and a small button atop its surface.

The button itself was unremarkable. It was the size of a pebble that would fit between the tips of my index and middle finger, one that would be perfect to curl and toss across the still surface of a lake. This was my first thought, as I stood alone with nothing but the chair, the table, the button, and I.

Should I push it? That was the second thought that crossed my mind, with all the strength of a withering flame. A pulse, a flicker, and then a whisper of smoke. Something that felt urgent, then meandering, before being entirely dismissed in favour of another thought.

But, what if I did press the button, and I shouldn’t have? What if, when I pressed that pebble-sized button, disaster unfolded around me. An all-enveloping destruction of torment and flame. I looked around myself and the room remained empty, save for the chair, the table, and the button. But, I did not know what those walls may have hidden. Did they conceal secrets behind their eggshell painted facades? Some evil lurking, waiting patiently for a slip of my finger, waiting for me to—

But… what if I was meant to press the button? I pondered. What if I was meant to have already pressed it, and each moment now wasted those precious seconds, those that would tick into minutes, and then hours if left unchecked. Perhaps there was a disaster already unfolding outside of this room, something that I could have prevented, that I was now entirely unaware of. Would there be people judging me? My inaction? Silent eyes that watched me through the walls that felt now all too transparent.

And so I pondered, and pondered, and stood in the empty room with just the chair, the table, myself, and a button that remained untouched.

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

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  1. The repetition in this is great, just that feeling of “these are the same things in the room, the only things I have to focus on”. Makes it all feel so claustrophobically desperate-yet-confusingly mundane

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