Thomas Roland Fantasy & Science Fiction Author
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Am I a writer, or just some guy that takes the alphabet too seriously?

This is how Thomas spends much of his time. Gazing thoughtfully out into the distance, dreaming of the next time he will get some pizza.

Thomas Roland is a young fiction writer hailing from Bendigo, Australia, specialising in the realm of fantasy and science fiction.

Spending much of his youth dreaming up larger than life, bizarre characters in his backyard, Thomas had many years writing up stories and daydreaming of someday creating his very own novel.

Following school, Thomas found himself delving into film production as he experimented with screenwriting and directing, creating short films and a web series pilot before eventually returning to his love of novel form writing.

Nowadays, he dedicates his time to writing short stories across a variety of genres as he hones his skills. Currently he is working on his passion project, The Ended Saga, a collection of science fiction stories from a universe on the last throes of its existence.

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