Most Popular Posts

The greatest hits. The top charts. The best of the best! These are my posts that have had the best success so far.

a cup of coffee beside a laptop on a wooden desk

Unstoppable Force

Business is fast, lightning quick, and James is the quickest of them all.

sandtimer on pebbles

Every Second

Time watches us pass, every moment a drifting piece.

waterfall in forest

Golden Rivers

Tarr is convinced he has discovered a genius way to make the river turn profit.

Sailing ship upon the sea at sunset


A mysterious new elixir is pitched to an interested sponsor.

wooden park bench on green grass


Love, heartbreak and deception. What more could he do to her emotions?

a glass of whiskey on a napkin

Coup d’état

Veronica and Jun gather in secret to discuss the risky idea of dismantling a system larger than anything they could imagine.

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