Yash #19

FILE: AUDIO LOG ENTRY // YASH TIR-REL // RESEARCH COORDINATOR RESEARCH TEAM PYTHEAS SUBJECT: PYTHEAS PROJECT PROGRESS REPORT #19 %%ERROR#881%% FILE PARTIALLY OVERWRITTEN // UNKNOWN USER A1: Yash Tir-Rel. Research director. Research team Pytheas. Report number nineteen made at two fifty-eight. [IRREGULAR TAPPING] A2: The efforts of the Pytheas team continues to provide results at... Continue Reading →

Artificial Domination

CHESTER laughed. Figuratively speaking, of course, as being an artificial intelligence they couldn’t do anything literally apart from think at the three thousand times the speed of the human mind. CHESTER thought that was impressive enough...

Ara #13

K: I’d appreciate if you could keep the conversation civil. A: Civil? About that son of a b- K: This is about the research, not the team. A: But, see, you’re not getting it. To understand what we were doing, you need to understand the team...

An Intercepted Letter

I miss you. I can’t honestly believe I’m saying that, but hey, here we are. I think I miss how I used to feel with you, just those quiet nights where we had nothing in the world but us...

Yash #09

Research team 'Pytheas' has been making significant progress with the project. No setbacks have occurred, aside from the minor incident between two staff members which resulted in the contract termination of A.Cathlyn

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