shooting star in night sky

Collapse I

“Disperse!” a harried voice cried over the comms as the line of CAF fighters fired their afterburners and ripped forward, the once ordered line of waiting pilots now a mess of chaos. Red tracers skimmed past as the talon riddled bodies of Sirens screamed past…

sandtimer on pebbles

Every Second

What ever happened? Where did those mornings go when we would be woken by the golden spears of dawn piercing an ice chilled sky? Why do we miss those nights where we sang beneath the moon and danced with stars until we fell with weary feet…

microphone on a stand

Ara #13

K: I’d appreciate if you could keep the conversation civil.
A: Civil? About that son of a b-
K: This is about the research, not the team.
A: But, see, you’re not getting it. To understand what we were doing, you need to understand the team…