First Bullet

Now, when I say I shot first, I don’t mean a literal bullet. Well, actually, now that I think about it, it kinda is, but isn’t what you think. It’s a tad complicated. At least, it seems to be in my head… … More First Bullet

Unstoppable Force

He felt the sweet burn run down the back of his throat as he knocked back the last mouthful of the bitter coffee, slamming down the darkly stained mug onto his desk. He heard Trish jump behind him at the loud crash, knocking over the small stack of pens she kept beside her keyboard… … More Unstoppable Force

Happy Birthday

‘It’s my birthday’. That’s what the sign said, half propped against a much too empty box. It’s my birthday. Words the crept into my heart and left a chill that I couldn’t shake, no matter how I fought to beat it back… … More Happy Birthday


The energy surged through him. He could feel the tingle as it wound its way down his limbs, almost as though it worked a bizarre magic across his body. Even his mind felt sharper, a keen blade that had been honed to a vicious point upon a whetstone… … More Brew