Dragon Slayer

Scorching fire erupted from the towering beast’s jaws, Kallen’s shield instinctively shooting up, his body crouched tightly as he hid behind the thick iron...


The energy surged through him. He could feel the tingle as it wound its way down his limbs, almost as though it worked a bizarre magic across his body. Even his mind felt sharper, a keen blade that had been honed to a vicious point upon a whetstone...

The Beast and the Huntsman

The air was serene. Soft yet still. Marion could feel each light droplet of water that pattered onto the hood of her cloak, dripping down from the overladen branches that hung high in the forest’s canopy. High above, the sun hid itself behind the sea of low hanging clouds, leaving the forest’s floor pocketed with bursts of shadow...

The Cup of Jardenyre

Perhaps you have heard the tale before, perhaps not. In either case, you would find it wise to listen to my words, and let the story of Jardenyre’s cup treat your mind.

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