view of Earth from space station window

Flight Log #2877

A1: They’re mobilising us for what?

B1: Parabus apparently. Commander has taken emergency powers, so they’re saying, and he’s sending us out to some Confederate outposts…

spotlight in underground corridor


The rock-slabbed cell wall felt cold against her back. Somewhere nearby, across the room that was akin to a pit sunk into the ground, a dripping noise echoed softly. It was the only sound that made its way to Vera’s ears…

shooting star in night sky

Collapse I

“Disperse!” a harried voice cried over the comms as the line of CAF fighters fired their afterburners and ripped forward, the once ordered line of waiting pilots now a mess of chaos. Red tracers skimmed past as the talon riddled bodies of Sirens screamed past…