Allison Barty, beginning interview with Fractured terrorist group member Emerson Vaulter, intercepted en route to Parabus orbit sector A53. Present with me is Seeker H-Three...

Board of Representatives

Ministers, members of the board, today is not a day to be sitting in revelry or ponderance. Today is a day for action. A day to prove the worth of our position within this universe...

Ara #13

K: I’d appreciate if you could keep the conversation civil. A: Civil? About that son of a b- K: This is about the research, not the team. A: But, see, you’re not getting it. To understand what we were doing, you need to understand the team...

Coup d’état

Veronica pushed the speared olive around her drink with a lazy finger, spinning it in circles as Jun watched her intently from across the table. “This will change everything.”

Yash #09

Research team 'Pytheas' has been making significant progress with the project. No setbacks have occurred, aside from the minor incident between two staff members which resulted in the contract termination of A.Cathlyn

‘Journeys’ Anthology | A Life Update

Alas, no new short story for tonight (rest assured, I will have one up tomorrow), but instead I'd like to share a bit of exciting news! My short story 'A Mountain Pass' has selected to be published alongside some other amazing talent in the 'Journeys' Anthology by the Aussie Speculative Fiction group! ...

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